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The Japan Karate-Do Federation was established in the United States in 1959 by Shihan Dan Ivan. Mr. Ivan holds Black Belts in Karatedo (8th Dan), Judo (3rd Dan), Aikido (1st Dan) and Kendo (1st Dan). Mr. Ivan is regarded as one of the first American pioneers of Japanese Martial Arts and trained in Japan from 1948 to 1956. He was only one of a few Americans to train at the Kodokan after World War II and he holds the distinction of being the first American issued a Dan rank in Aikido.

In 1988, Shihan Ivan turned over the head instructor position to Paul Godshaw, a martial arts student since 1965.  Mr. Godshaw is a 9th Dan in Shotokan Karatedo and a 4th Dan in Kobudo.
Shihan Godshaw is also very experienced in Judo, Nihon Jujitsu and Aikido and uses his knowledge to incorporate these arts in the curriculum for self defense.  Also, Mr. Godshaw is USA Branch Director for the Kokusai Budoin and the former Chief Official for the AAU/USA Karate Program.  Shihan Godshaw is much honored to have his family involved with the teaching at the Dojo.  Luisa Godshaw, Shihan’s wife has over twenty five years of experience and is a 7th Dan in Karatedo.  Alan Godshaw, Shihan’s son is 6th Dan in Karatedo and have been a member of the USA Karate Team.
The Godshaw Family is much respected in the Martial Arts community and maintains only the highest standards for teaching the traditional Japanese Martial Arts.


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